Processing & Reaktor 5


Three methods to connect Processing to Reaktor 5: oscP5, MIDI-Yoke or nanoKEY. Combine sound and visuals!

Dynamic Slideshow


Smooth, cool and free. Here’s a dynamic slideshow sketch I wrote. Source code included!

Blue, orange and beyond

Use symmetry! It’ll look like you know what you’re doing ;D

Aggregate drawings are the fastest route to complete chaos in Processing. The more time passes, the bigger they get! Sometimes however, a little order may be a very good idea.

The beauty of arcs

A final example of a bit of zooming in :)

Arcs may be simple but they can make beautiful things. Take a look inside! On a side note, this was my very first taste of the excellent controlP5 library. Sweet!

Animation rendered with P5Sunflow


P5Sunflow is a ray trace renderer to make 3D sketches look sexy as hell, so to test it I created this animation of the most boring thing ever: a box!

Comparing number distributions


Different number distributions compared. A deeper look into the functions random, noise and sin to generate random or non-random number distributions. Visual comparison included.

Hello world!


A beginning is a very delicate time. Find out where it started and, more importantly, where it’s going.