Hello world!

It’s a sunny day somewhere at the beginning of May 2010. For some unexplainable reason the notion hits my brain that a blog documenting my trials and errors in Processing is a good idea. Before you know it, this idea is snowballing out of control. Fast forward only a few days later, I’ve set up a Flickr account, selected and uploaded hundreds of pictures, rearranged my Vimeo account and started a blog. You’re looking at it! 😀

So here we are now. In the coming days and weeks I will be adding as much as possible. Working my way back to include and document past projects will probably take some time. For those that wanna sneak a peek at some of what’s coming, check out my Flickr account here. Of course, I’ve only just started. So my understanding of programming, as a designer, is growing slowly. But I’m counting on an exponential learning experience and I hope the really cool stuff lies ahead. I’m really excited about learning more about Processing, experimenting with it and sharing the good, the bad and the ugly right here.

You can rate posts that you like (or despise) using the stars above each post. And of course I welcome you to leave a comment. Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog!

P.S. The header image of this post is a compilation of screenshots from 16 of my Processing experiments.

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