Blue, orange and beyond

Use symmetry! It’ll look like you know what you’re doing 😀

Creating aggregate drawings with basic geometric shapes (or imported vector graphics) is easy in Processing. The only thing you need to do is NOT use a background() call in draw(). If you don’t, everything is placed on top of everything, accumulatively. Which means things get messy/interesting (strike out whichever is not applicable) real quick.

In the works presented here, I’ve combined this aggregate drawing technique with gradual changes in for example the size and color of the shapes used. Either user-driven or automatic. As you can see, it’s fairly easy to generate interesting results. What would take hours in illustrator is created here at lightning speed. Why is that? Well, mainly because you’re painting with incredibly dynamic brushes.

Enough talking, here is a small selection of visuals. Links to the accompanying Flickr sets are included at the end of this post. Follow those links and you’ll find a lot more examples.

Yeah, you better pray this works out as planned…

…or I’m gonna drop bombs on your head, man!

What’s more fun than creating absolute chaos, in mere seconds?

Some restraint can work wonders as well though.

The best combination is a little bit of both. Order and chaos that is.

Aggregate drawing made with just one vector shape (and a lot of rotation!) 🙂

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