Faces of the Polyhedron

All right, just a real quick heads-up on my latest video (you can check out the embedded version above). It is tentatively called FACES OF THE POLYHEDRON. As Wikipedia states “a polyhedron is a geometric solid in three dimensions with flat faces and straight edges”. Uhm, okidoki. So the one currently featured is actually a variant called dodecahedron. You’re probably thinking, very nice and all, but what’s up with all the geometric babble? Well, I was growing real tired of all these boxes, so I’ve been wanting to explore methods to create custom 3D geometry. This is just a first step, but the great thing about all these mathematical shapes is the information that is available on them. Hell, they’re even on Wikipedia! Anyway, I took that info about vertex points and faces and put it all together in a class. Every object you see in the video is an instance of that one class. This is the power of object-oriented programming. They have different positions, colors and rotations, sure. But they all come from the same original class. Nice!

Translations and rotations. Yes, they get messy and confusing real fast. Especially when three dimensions are involved. So increasing my knowledge about working in 3D was one the main goals of this project. There are two rotational forces at work. One that’s general – affecting everything – and one that’s object-specific. In addition the camera is moving. So you never know when something’s headed your way.

Although I’m not done with this yet, I wanted to post some trial renders anyway. The big fat type is temporary of course, but it gave me a chance to experiment with different blend modes in Processing. Anyway, hope you like what you see! 😀

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2 Responses to “Faces of the Polyhedron”
  1. deano says:

    quite awsome… and its a great song.
    where did you get the audio from?

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