Playing with GLSL in Processing

This time around things are running on the GPU. My first experiments with GLSL shaders in Processing taste like more. 🙂

Striate Cortex: Advanced Pixel Manipulation

Diving into the atom of the image: pixel! Working with lookup tables, the Flickr API, threads & pixel arrays (3 code examples included!)

Working with Toxiclibs

Vectors, voronoi tessellation, verlet particles and other fun with the biggest Processing library out there. Code examples included!

Eternalism & the art of slitscanning

Ever wanted to bend space & time? In the spirit of open-source I’m sharing my full HD slit-scanning sketch for Processing.

Glitch Art

The art of the glitch. Venturing into the world of virtual errors and artifacts a.k.a. datamoshing Processing-style!

nanoKEY Experiments

A brand new video! Created using a Korg nanoKEY while the midi signal is visually interpreted by Processing.

Dynamic Slideshow

Smooth, cool and free. Here’s a dynamic slideshow sketch I wrote. Source code included!

Blue, orange and beyond

Aggregate drawings are the fastest route to complete chaos in Processing. The more time passes, the bigger they get! Sometimes however, a little order may be a very good idea.

The beauty of arcs

Arcs may be simple but they can make beautiful things. Take a look inside! On a side note, this was my very first taste of the excellent controlP5 library. Sweet!

Comparing number distributions

Different number distributions compared. A deeper look into the functions random, noise and sin to generate random or non-random number distributions. Visual comparison included.