Playing with GLSL in Processing

This time around things are running on the GPU. My first experiments with GLSL shaders in Processing taste like more. 🙂


I guess all this stuff is really going somewhere. Puzzle pieces falling into place. Got some exciting news to share! 😉

Striate Cortex: Advanced Pixel Manipulation

Diving into the atom of the image: pixel! Working with lookup tables, the Flickr API, threads & pixel arrays (3 code examples included!)

Eternalism & the art of slitscanning

Ever wanted to bend space & time? In the spirit of open-source I’m sharing my full HD slit-scanning sketch for Processing.


What do you get when you mix Hemesh, controlP5 and Sunflow? Check out my guestpost on to find out!

Glitch Art

The art of the glitch. Venturing into the world of virtual errors and artifacts a.k.a. datamoshing Processing-style!

Faces of the Polyhedron

Exploring the third dimension a little further with this twirling of shapes and colors…

Processing Books

There are plenty of Processing books going around. Books I’ve read! Books I’m reading… Books I will read?