• Processing, sometimes called P5 or Proce55ing, is an open source programming language that allows people to create complex graphics, animation and interactive applications. It was initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas, building upon their work at MIT's Aesthetics and Computation Group.

    As a graphic designer, Processing allows me to create sketches and experiment with code. What I like most, is that it's very direct. This really smooths out the learning curve. As do several good books and a helpful community.

    Anyway, before you know it you're hooked. So here we are now. On this blog I'd like to share with you some of the things I make.

    I hope you enjoy it!


Playing with GLSL in Processing

This time around things are running on the GPU. My first experiments with GLSL shaders in Processing taste like more. 🙂

Hemesh Tutorial: Color + Dissolve

Code share alert! Learn how to color your HE_Meshes and dissolve them into thin air. Fully commented source code inside. Check it!

25 life-saving tips for Processing

I have bundled a huge number and variety of code examples in this single mega-post. Please learn from my mistakes and experiences! 😉

Augmented Reality Tutorial

Wanna get started with augmented reality in Processing? Check out my guestpost on CreativeApplications.net to get a running start!


Use the Google webservice to turn text into speech from within Processing. Two code snippets that show you how to do it!


I guess all this stuff is really going somewhere. Puzzle pieces falling into place. Got some exciting news to share! 😉

Striate Cortex: Advanced Pixel Manipulation

Diving into the atom of the image: pixel! Working with lookup tables, the Flickr API, threads & pixel arrays (3 code examples included!)

Working with Toxiclibs

Vectors, voronoi tessellation, verlet particles and other fun with the biggest Processing library out there. Code examples included!

Eternalism & the art of slitscanning

Ever wanted to bend space & time? In the spirit of open-source I’m sharing my full HD slit-scanning sketch for Processing.


What do you get when you mix Hemesh, controlP5 and Sunflow? Check out my guestpost on CreativeApplications.net to find out!